At Aileron Management, we value our employees and recognize them for their hard work and performance. This month we would like to recognize Samm Seefeldt, Front Desk Attendant at the Hampton Inn Appleton as our Spotlight Employee of the Month. She was nominated for demonstrating Aileron’s core value of “Passionate” by Melissa Johnson, Front Office Manager.

“Samm is a very dedicated team member. She does her best every day by planning goals and executing them.” said Melissa Johnson, Front Office Manager.

Samm has become a valued member of our team in a short period of time at the front desk. She is always looking for new things to do and better ways to do them. Samm has recently taken over as our Hilton Honors champion. Our goal was 3-4 new enrollments per month. In the first month that Samm took over we blew it away with over 10 enrollments. In February, we’ve had over 20 enrollments. Samm bring her passion for a job well done into everything she does. This inspires her teammates to do the same.

Aileron Management Employee Spotlight: Samm Seefeldt