At Aileron Management, we value our employees and recognize them for their hard work and performance. This month we would like to recognize Luz Elena Arrendondo, Housekeeper at the Hampton Inn Milwaukee/Brookfield, as our Spotlight Employee of the Month. She was nominated for demonstrating Aileron’s core value of “Flexible” by Malissa Larscheidt, Operations Manager.

“Lupe is a great Hampton Inn employee because she comes to work every day with a smile on her face. This puts everyone around her in a great mood no matter what is going on. It is hard not to smile when you see Elena!” said Malissa Larscheidt, Operations Manager.

Elena has been an all-star for our team during the Covid pandemic due to her flexibility. When the pandemic hit, and we had to furlough some positions at the hotel. Elena was asked to take on the task of rooms inspector and accepted without hesitation. She was here early in the morning and would sometimes leave a couple of hours after the rest of the housekeeping staff just to ensure that the hotel was ready for our guests. As a rooms inspector, she would assist the other housekeepers as much as possible. If that meant she needed to run down to the laundry room to retrieve a set of sheets for a bed, she would. If one of the other housekeepers was struggling to get the new shower doors clean, she would jump in to help and ensure that the shower doors were sparkling. When she experienced some down time in between rooms, she asked for projects; that meant we could ask her to do laundry, clean the public areas or organize a supply closet and it would be done. Recently her flexibility shined when we had a lot of rooms to clean for a large group arriving that night.  We asked Elena to pick up the extra rooms and she happily agreed with a smile. She ended up cleaning more rooms than we originally thought we would need for the night and stayed till 5 pm. Elena’s flexibility is proven every day at the hotel, she’s an amazing employee and we are very lucky to have her.

Aileron Management: March Employee Spotlight: Luz Elena Arrendondo, Hampton Inn Milwaukee Brookfield