October 16, 2019

At Aileron Management, we value our employees and recognize them for their hard work and performance. This month we would like to recognize Linda Schooley, Housekeeper at the Hampton Inn West Des Moines Lake Drive as our Spotlight Employee of the Month. She was nominated for demonstrating Aileron’s core value of “Flexible” by Honee Kepley, Executive Housekeeper.

“Linda is a great Hampton Inn employee because she puts forth her best effort each day to do the best work possible in order to provide our guests with a clean comfortable room,” said Tom Murray, General Manager.

“Linda frequently demonstrates flexibility in her job. She works in both the housekeeping and laundry departments. On any given day, Linda may be pulled off the housekeeping schedule to fill in for a team member that is not able to finish a shift in the laundry department. This can happen several times per week and it is usually on short notice. Without fail, Linda happily switches gears and will move into any area that needs her the most. She always does this with a smile on her face and never complains when asked to assist. Linda greets guests at every opportunity with a smile on her face. Her flexibility to move from one position to another is just one of the many positive attributes she displays and contributes to our team” said Tom.

Aileron Management Employee Spotlight: Linda Schooley - Hampton Inn West Des Moines Lake Drive