At Aileron Management, we value our employees and recognize them for their hard work and performance. This month we would like to recognize Marina Leiva Rivas, Housekeeper at the Hampton Inn West Des Moines Lake Drive, as our Spotlight Employee of the Month. She was nominated for demonstrating Aileron’s core value of “Flexible” by Ashley Bogener, Operations Manager.

“Marina is a great Hampton Inn employee because she gives 100% each time and is always willing to go above and beyond,” said Ashley Bogener, Operations Manager.

“Today Marina saved the day. Not only did Marina clean all of her assigned rooms, but she also cleaned two additional rooms that checked out early, and she assisted with cleaning three of her team member’s rooms. Later I called Marina to see if she was still at work. We had one more room to clean as were planning to sell out that night. When I reached her, Marina was actually in her car about to drive home. She didn’t miss a beat and told me, ‘No problem, I’ll be right there’. She was the superhero of the day. With Marina’s help, we were able to get that room cleaned in less than 15 minutes. Without her help, it would have taken at least 40 minutes or more to clean. Marina’s ability to be flexible is always much appreciated!”

Aileron Management: Employee Spotlight: Marina Leiva Rivas, Hampton Inn West Des Moines Lake Drive