At Aileron Management, we value our employees and recognize them for their hard work and performance. This month we would like to recognize Angela Strand, Front Desk Supervisor at the Hampton Inn Milwaukee/Brookfield as our Spotlight Employee of the Month. She was nominated for demonstrating Aileron’s core value of “Principled” by Malissa Larscheidt, Operations Manager.

“Angela is a great example of a Principled employee because she is always focused on surrounding the hotel in a culture of excellence. She is constantly putting in time and effort towards making our guests feel at home and appreciated.  Angela also tries to involve all employees in huddle so that we are all engaged.” said Jared Dove, Maintenance Technician.

Angela has really taken charge in the battle against tardiness! She recently said that she doesn’t like to be a minute late because she understands that her co-workers want to go home as soon as their shift is over. She just doesn’t want to hold them up because that would be inconsiderate. She is always early and will help the auditor by checking out guests as soon as she walks in the door. This really helps our audit team to finish up, enabling them to leave on time. This principle really helps her with conquering the labor reviews! She knows that every unnecessary minute that an employee spends on the clock adds up. She has been monitoring her team members and helping them where she can to make sure that everyone respects one another’s time.

Aileron Management Employee Spotlight: Angela Strand - Hampton Inn Milwaukee/Brookfield